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Salesmanship, the ability to persuade others to buy one's products, services or ideas, is not necessarily something that a person is born with. Effective salesmanship is comprised of specific abilities and attitudes which can be named and learned. One can adopt and develop these basic attitudes. And if one already has these basic abilities and attitudes in place, but wishes to improve upon them, there are proven ways in which one can do just that.

Two of the basic attitudes which define effective salesmanship are: 1) an orientation to set and reach goals, and 2) a strong sense of persistence.

Three of the actual skills or abilities which are required for effective salesmanship are: 1) an ability to win the prospect's trust, so that his communication with the salesman remains open and honest; 2) an ability to present a product or service in such a way that the prospect builds strong enough interest and desire to want to acquire the product or service; and 3) an ability to smoothly overcome any and all objections which might come up so that the sale closes successfully.

And even more essential to effective salesmanship is a proficiency in the basic "People skills" which underlie and support the techniques of good salesmanship, such as communication skills and the ability to garner agreement.

If you already are, or are willing to become, persistent, goal-oriented and fair minded; if you are willing to learn the powerful, effective selling techniques, as they are clearly and simply laid out in the book of salesmanship, HOW TO SELL - Clear and Simple; and if you are already pretty good at (or are willing to work at becoming pretty good at) communication skills and the garnering of agreement; you are a prime candidate to become a true success in The Art of Friendly Persuasion, in the art and application of Good Salesmanship.



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