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What Defines A Great Sales Training Book?

Sales training books of moderate quality are pretty easy to locate. Those which are considered of outstanding quality are a bit more difficult to get your hands on, and truly great sales training books are, as they say, few and far between.

What is it that makes one sales training book average, and another great? There are three criteria that set a great sales training book apart from the others. The first is that it is thorough in its coverage. It doesn’t just focus on Prospecting or on Closing or on any one single step of a sale. It covers the entire scope of The-Five-Essential-Steps-of a-Sale, from Prospecting though Closing, as well as the Follow-up actions at the conclusion of the sale.

The second criterion of a great sales training book is that its tools work. Not just on a good day, but consistently, on prospect after prospect, day after day.

The third criterion of a truly great sales training book is that it is easy to understand. Its ideas need to be presented simply, in a smooth, digestible fashion. And it needs to be written in a style that’s interesting enough to immediately capture the reader’s attention and successfully hold it, right through to the very last concept.

You will find that, among the great sales training books, none lives up to its reputation better than HOW TO SELL – Clear and Simple. It gives the reader everything he needs to consistently move a prospect smoothly and effectively from the pre-Opening of the sale right up through the sure-fire Closing of it ---and it does so in a surprisingly easy to follow, interesting manner. And you will never find a simpler, more workable system for handling objections, than the four-step-system presented in Chapter 9, Handling Objections and Other Trouble Shooting.

If, as you are making your way through your search for good sales training material, you find the search becoming somewhat confusing, you will discover that as long as you measure the candidates against no less of a yardstick than:

  • Is it thorough in its coverage?
  • Do the tools work and work consistently? and
  • Is it interesting and easy to understand?

…you will end up with a great sales training book.



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