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Sales Training

Sales Training comes in two winning versions: Short-term success and long-term success.

Short-term sales training is also known as "Motivational training". It is a sales seminar which gives the sales crew a temporary lift, returning them to the sales floor in a fresh humor and with renewed hope.

Long-term sales training comes in a variety of forms, such as training manuals, seminars, workshops, instructional tapes, etc. What all forms of winning long-term sales training have in common over mere motivational training is that they instruct both the new and veteran sales trainees in actual, workable sales tools and techniques with which the salesman can get lasting results.

The best, and perhaps most rare form of all sales training, is training which both motivates and provides the trainees with highly effective tools and techniques.

You will discover that the ultra-workable tools presented in the sales training manual, HOW TO SELL - Clear and Simple, in an easy-to-understand and surprisingly entertaining style, is just such a rare and excellent form of - both short-term AND long-term - sales training.



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