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The Perfect Sales Tool

Sales tools are those things that we sometimes find ourselves looking for when we notice that too many of our sales are somehow getting away from us.

Selling is like any other art, craft or science. If you have the right tools and the certainty of how to use them, you will get the predicted result you were after. Unlike the tools of many other crafts and professions, however, all too many times we find that a supposedly good sales tool does not work properly: "I smiled nicely when I shook the prospect's hand in an enthusiastic way and made good eye contact and introduced myself by name. So, why didn't the prospect start communicating with me in a trusting, open way, like he was supposed to?"

A sales tool is only as valuable as it works. Just because some motivational speaker tells us that a particular sales tool works, doesn't guarantee that it will work when you go to try it.

The silver lining to the cloud is that there actually is an exact set of workable basics, which make up the master blueprint of the five essential steps of a sale.

To the degree that a particular sales tool aligns to these basic laws of selling, that tool will work:

SALESMAN: (starting out on the wrong foot) "May I help you?"

PROSPECT: (giving predictable response) "No thanks. Just looking."

SALESMAN: (overcoming his self-inflicted handicap by applying an extremely powerful sales tool ) "That's fine. Please make yourself at home. My name is Bill, and I won't be far away. If you have any questions, just give me a holler. And if you'd like a cup of coffee, please help yourself. There's a fresh pot right over there."

PROSPECT: (now effectively "open") "Thanks, Bill. Lemme ask you something. Does that model there come in blue?"

A sales tool will be as effective as it is based upon and in full alignment with "the five essential steps of a sale". The more familiar you are with these five steps and how they relate to one another, the more you are going to find that your sales tools are consistently producing the results you were going for: Sales that close!

In the sales training manual, HOW TO SELL - Clear and Simple, the five essential steps of a sale are laid out in a way that the reader is given an excellent opportunity to identify and sharpen his already winning skills, as well as to explore some powerful new sales tools.




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