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Successful Sales Techniques

Sales technique can be improved on almost anyone.

A successful selling technique is based upon three factors: winning attitudes, essential sales skills and the "people skills" upon which the sales skills are built.

One primary factor which makes up successful sales technique is having the right, winning attitudes, primary among them being the willingness to learn something new. These winning attitudes can be learned and adopted by nearly anyone who has the will to succeed. And the other key factor which makes up successful sales technique is an awareness and mastery of the exact skills which go into "the five indispensable steps of a sale".

The final component which goes into the development of successful sales technique is the three basic "People skills" which underlie and support the winning attitudes and actual skills of selling. To some degree, we each already have a level of these people skills, and given some good guidance, each of these people skills can be sharpened notably.

Among the winning attitudes required for development of a successful sales technique, the single most important is: persistence. This one is so important that it alone, in the absence of practically all other selling skill, can, on its own, often bring success. Have you ever wondered why an obnoxious though persistent salesman could possibly sustain the amount of success he apparently enjoys, while a smoother, apparently more skilled salesman enjoys less success? The answer is: Persistence. And there are ways to increase the persistence of nearly anyone.

Of the three essential "People skills" necessary as a basis upon which to construct effective sales technique, none is more essential than the ability to c ommunicate well. Communication itself is actually made up of individual component parts which can be named, taught and mastered. Often the most neglected of which is the all-important component of Acknowledgment.

In the book of successful sales techniques, HOW TO SELL - Clear and Simple, you will be presented in a very easy-to-understand manner: which are the most winning attitudes and how to adopt them; what the five steps of a successful sale are and how to effectively apply them; and what the most important people skills are, and how to increase your own mastery of them. There is no single, better source of information, than this book, on how to improve your sales technique.



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