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Finding A Workable Sales Strategy

Sales strategy, or “how to systematically approach the challenges of effectively moving one’s prospects from the opening stages of the sale, step-by-step, through to a successful close”, is a worthy objective of a challenging search.

And if you factor into your search for a winning sales strategy, the following requirements:

  • Closing in high volume and with consistency,
  • Maintaining good profitability in the sale, and
  • A high customer satisfaction index,

you have taken on what many have found to be a formidable challenge in the search for an ideal sales strategy.

Time has demonstrated which techniques and basic principles, often used in selling, truly have – or do not have – a place in a sales strategy which can stand up to the tests of time.

The “not consistently workable” list, to exclude from your sales strategy, includes:

  • Bending the corners on truth when convenient;
  • Incessantly talking at the prospect, rather than carefully listening at the appropriate moments;
  • Considering that “the customer is always right”; and
  • Resorting to attempts to overwhelm the prospect when all else has failed.

The “consistently workable” essentials to have on your sales strategy list include:

  • Approaching each prospect with the sincere intention to help him reach his product-related-goals;
  • Earning the prospect’s basic trust before asking him for vital buying-data or answers to self-serving questions;
  • Beginning the presentation only after discovering enough about the prospect’s needs and wants to be able to customize the presentation of your product or service in ways that will closely parallel that prospect’s needs and wants for it;
  • Having a keen ability to recognize a “closing signal” when the prospect manifests one, and having sufficient discipline and ability to move the prospect directly into the close once the signal has been given; and
  • Having thorough familiarity with the four-step-system that handles any and all prospect objections, and the ability to smoothly move those objections out of the way of closing the sale.

In the comprehensive sales training manual, HOW TO SELL – Clear and Simple, these and many more highly effective “do’s and don’ts” are laid out in a surprisingly easy to digest fashion. The book provides, in a single source, the basics of human interaction, the simple though powerful tools of The-Five-Steps-of-a-Sale, and the detailed, example-rich blueprint of how to implement these ultra-workable sales tools.

There are many ways to go about searching for and selecting the principles and tools one will adopt and use to approach and overcome the many challenges presented in the process of a sale. But, if as your yardstick you use:

Highly workable tools that consistently
produce the results you’re looking for,

you are bound to find yourself in possession of a truly winning sales strategy.



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