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Sales Skill Training

Sales skill training is only as good as:

  • The tools are workable; and
  • The training methods are effective.

What should you be looking for when seeking sales skill training?

  • Do the tools being offered, when implemented, produce high-volume, profitable closes?
  • Do the methods allow for the customers’ expectations to be met and exceeded?
  • Does the sales skill training being offered not only have the goods, but also have an instructional technique which manages to effectively convey the goods to the trainees?

Sales skill training that concentrates only on or primarily upon “Closing” should be highly suspect, as at best it will instruct on how to close the sale, but at what cost? Profitability? Customer satisfaction? Loss of repeat business and referrals? Sales skill training which effectively and thoroughly covers the full spectrum of the sales process --- all 5 of the essential steps of a sale, from Prospecting through Follow-up, is far more likely to deliver all of what is needed and wanted.

This sort of comprehensive approach to sales skill training, as found in the all-inclusive sales training manual, HOW TO SELL – Clear and Simple, is far more likely to train a salesperson to keep the sale profitable, by establishing sufficient value of the product or service during the presentation, and to ensure a high over-all customer satisfaction rating, high customer loyalty, and repeat-and-referral business by building a strong customer/prospect relationship at all points throughout the sales process.

In searching out and selecting a method of sales skill training for yourself or your organization, another key element to consider is how experienced and skilled in the technology of effective training methods was the designer of the sales training package?

  • Is the selling theory presented in a clear, easy to comprehend, and interesting manner?
  • Are there enough examples and drills to ensure that the theory points actually translate into practical skills?
  • Are the drills focusing upon the correct training points?

To the degree the system you select aligns to the above criteria, you will be assured of success in your search for effective sales skill training.


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