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Sales Prospecting Techniques

Sales prospecting techniques are those "magic tools" one is hoping to find when he's playing "the numbers game" to win.

No one closes every sale, and not every advertisement or sales promotion brings in more prospects than a salesman or sales force can handle.

A company or individual salesperson has to have a highly workable sales prospecting technique or two in operation if he wants to have the assurance of a constant supply of good prospects.

What is it that makes one sales prospecting technique work like magic and the next not? Is there a secret to developing a sales prospecting technique that consistently delivers a good, steady stream of warm, if not hot prospects?

The answer is. Yes!

There are actually only three key factors to learn and apply to be highly successful in your sales prospecting techniques. If you know and follow these three keys, you will be guaranteed an unending supply of good prospects.

In Chapter 3, Prospecting, in the book of sales techniques, HOW TO SELL - Clear and Simple, you will find the easy-to-understand secrets to powerful sales prospecting, including the three basic keys of a winning sales prospecting technique.



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