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Creating Sales Leads

Sales leads come in two categories: High quality and not so high quality. The higher the quality, the more certain it is that the sales lead will result directly in a closed sale.

Key question: Should you be going after quantity or quality?

The answer is: When a stable, abundant supply of sales leads is what you're after, first you go for quantity and then you go for quality.

While there is a nearly infinite list of workable techniques readily available in the sales and marketing world on how to go about generating sales leads, there is actually only a small handful of underlying key basics which determine how effective or ineffective your efforts will be when seeking to generate sales leads.

One of these key basics, and the most fundamental of them all, is that generation of sales leads, in stable abundant quantities, depends directly upon the number of communications that are generated out to the potential public.

As more fully detailed in Chapter 3, Prospecting, in the marketing and sales training manual, HOW TO SELL - Clear and Simple, the better you know and understand the basic keys to attaining quality leads, the more effective and efficient you're going to be in attaining your sales leads.



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