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Sure-Fire Techniques For Closing Sales

Closing sales is considered an art by most, a craft by many, and a science by those who recognize that there are actually invariable rules and a set of specific tools that enable a salesperson to consistently close sales in high volume.

While there is no question that the “close” requires a set of finely honed tools in itself, many of the secrets to closing sales consistently lie more in the opening and the development of the sale than they do in the actual closing of it.

You will find that a prospect who has been properly opened, and who is thereafter willing to communicate freely with his salesperson; who has confided to his salesperson what he most needs and wants out of the product or service being offered; and has been clearly and simply presented the features and benefits of the product or service in a way which closely parallels the needs and wants the prospect has for that product or service – will ordinarily not be difficult to close.

And even on those occasions when closing sales does turn out to be a bit difficult, a salesperson who has earned the trust of his prospect and has discovered the prospect’s true desires and needs for his product, is in a very powerful position to smoothly and effectively close that sale.

A salesperson’s attempts at closing sales on prospects who have not had these preliminary essentials properly put into place will often find their closing efforts to be stressful, strenuous and often unsuccessful.

There are specific tools available which enable the salesperson to:

  • easily open his prospect;
  • get the prospect to confide his needs and wants;
  • routinely lead the prospect through an effective, if not dazzling presentation; and
  • consistently bring the prospect to the point of developing strong enough interest in the product or service being offered, to want to acquire it.

To be closing sales in high volume on a consistent basis, one needs to get these pre-closing steps properly in place. But one not only has to have the workable tools that move a prospect up to the point of closing, one also needs to have the tools which smoothly lead the prospect through the close. And when the close is not going smoothly, he needs to have the powerful tools that enable him to handle any and all objections that might arise along the way.

In the sales training manual, HOW TO SELL – Clear and Simple, you will not only discover a simple set of ultra-workable objection-handling tools, but you will discover as well, a thorough listing of every tool needed to move the prospect from the opening stages of the sale up through the successful close – all laid out in a surprisingly easy to digest manner.

While the name of the game might be “closing sales”, the time to begin putting your closing strategy into motion is way before you reach the close. The time to begin putting your closing strategy into motion is at the very beginning of the sale, just before introducing yourself to your prospect! You will find that this strategic approach is the most winning approach there is, in the long run, for consistently closing sales.



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