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Seven Sales Tips That Consistently Close Sales

Sales tips come in two categories: Those that work and those that don’t. And sales tips that work come in two categories: Those that work some of the time and those that work all -- or nearly all -- of the time. And those tips that work nearly all of the time are the most valuable of all.

So then, what are some of these valuable, work-all-the-time sales tips?

There are really only a handful of these ultra-workable principles that go into the broad blueprint of what makes up effective selling.

A few of these principles are:

  • Just before starting to work with any particular prospect, make up your mind that your #1 job is to help that prospect find and buy a product, service or idea that will enhance his life. Maintain excellent communication with your prospect throughout the sales process.
  • Demonstrate yourself as helpful, caring and interested, and you will win your prospect’s trust.
  • Discover what is needed and wanted by your prospect, in relation to your product or service, before asking any self-serving questions or beginning your presentation.
  • Structure your presentation so that the features and benefits of what you are presenting parallel the needs and wants you have discovered your prospect has for your product.  
  • Handle any and every concern or objection your prospect has, either with communication alone, whenever that is possible, or with real world solutions, when needed, until your prospect either buys your product or is no longer a legitimate prospect for your product.

And perhaps the single most valuable sales tip of them all:

  • PERSIST! If a salesperson did almost everything else wrong, but simply persisted to try to interest his prospect in his product, service or idea, eventually that prospect would become sufficiently interested in that product, service or idea to buy it.

Of course, there are ways to persist that work a whole lot better than other ways, but the bottom line is to somehow manage to continue to persist until your prospect is ready to buy. The newly released book, HOW TO SELL – Clear and Simple, is loaded with workable sales tip after sales tip, but none more valuable than the ultra-effective, two-step system in Chapter 9, Handling Objections and Other Trouble Shooting, that enables a salesperson to continue to persist despite any amount of sales resistance he may run into, and to continue to persist in a way that the prospect experiences as smooth and agreeable.

There are an infinite number of rules and guidelines as to what goes into making a sale successful. Just be sure you set your sights up to focus in only on the most consistently workable ones, when searching for your sales tips.




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