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Overcoming Sales Objections

Sales objections can appear anywhere along the way of a sale. Whether voiced or unvoiced, sales objections are the single greatest source of a sale failing to successfully close.

The subject of how-to-handle sales objections has probably drawn more attention in the world of sales training than any other single subject.

A salesperson who can consistently handle the sales objections which come his way, and successfully close his sales, despite almost any other shortcoming the salesperson may have, will be highly sought after and among the most highly paid individuals on the planet.

The good news is that sales objections come in only two basic categories, and despite the nearly unlimited variation in which these two-categories of objections seem to show up, they can one-and-all be dissolved out of the way of closing a sale by the use of the simple, Four-Step-Formula for handling objections, as presented in Chapter 9, Handling Objections and Other Trouble Shooting, in the sales training manual, HOW TO SELL – Clear and Simple.

If a sale is not moving forward, you can be certain that there is one or more unhandled sales objections lurking. A salesperson who is familiar with the use of the Four-Step-Formula will find himself surprisingly successful in smoothly closing more and more of his sales. And the longer he keeps at it, the more he will discover the building up of his confidence and ability in the handling of sales objections.



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