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Overcoming Objections

Overcoming objections is one of the greatest challenges, if not the greatest challenge, a salesman faces.

Many salesmen would rather let the customer walk away, and lose the sale, than have to go past the point where the prospect has told him "No".

And what makes overcoming objections doubly difficult is that the objection the prospect has given the salesman is very often only a "cover-up" for the prospect's real objection.

SALESMAN: "So, would you like to sit down and fill out the purchase agreement?"

PROSPECT: (thinking the same product is available down the street for less money, but not feeling comfortable saying so) "Not right now. I'll need to think about it.and check with my accountant" (he actually has no accountant). "I'll get back to you later" (thinking he'll just drive down the block and buy it from the competitor).

One of the underlying factors that makes overcoming objections so challenging is that unless the salesperson knows how to get and keep the prospect in good, open communication, the salesman often doesn't even get to discover what the real objection is, as in the example above.

Perhaps the greatest challenge in overcoming objections is, since objections can come at the salesman at any time during the sale and in every form imaginable, unless the salesman has command of a simple, easy-to-use system for overcoming objections, no matter where in the sale it appears and no matter what sort of an objection it may be, the salesman will tend to do a haphazard job of attempting to handle the objection, or make no attempt at all.

In Chapter 7, Closing, and Chapter 9, Overcoming Objections and Other Trouble Shooting, in the sales training manual, HOW TO SELL - Clear and Simple, you will find the simple and easy-to-use, four-step system for effectively overcoming objections of all sorts, no matter where in the sale they come at you. You will be amazed how much more confident you feel, after reading these two, short chapters, and how much more willing you will be to take on the once seemingly insurmountable challenge of overcoming objections.



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