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Handling Objections

Handling objections is the single most challenging part of a sale for most salespeople. The reason for this is two-fold. The first, and most important of these, is that most sales people have not been trained on the right tools for successfully handling any and all objections that might come their way. And the second reason most salespeople find handling objections so difficult is that they don’t have sufficient confidence in their own ability to go in and smoothly handle the objection when the prospect manifests it.

The reason the first (lack of tools) is senior to the second (lack of confidence) is because confidence is itself built upon the successful use of the right tools. The more a salesperson observes himself going in and handling the objection successfully and making the sale, the more confident he grows and the more willing he is to go in and face the next objection.

That said, what are the right tools for handling objections? Objections can be slight or substantial, frail or formidable, and can come at you at any time and in every form imaginable. The variations of techniques on how to go about handling objections, which sales professionals have devised over the eons to try to overcome this seemingly infinite variety of objections, are almost too numerous to list.

In Chapter 9, Handling Objections and Other Trouble Shooting, in the sales training manual, HOW TO SELL – Clear and Simple, you will discoverthe easy to understand, four-step formula that successfully handles virtually all objections that can come the way of the salesman. Objections themselves come in only two basic categories. The reason this simple four-step formula is so universally and consistently successful in smoothly removing objections out of the way of completing the sale is that it is based squarely upon the powerful principles of human communication itself.

Following these four simple steps is guaranteed to handle virtually any objection that is standing in the way of closing the sale, and to build the salesperson’s confidence in handling objections, as he goes.

The salesperson needs to display a good number of skills if he is to be consistent in closing his sales profitably and in high volume, but none more essential than the skills required for handling objections.



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