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Lead Generation

Lead generation efforts, which result in an abundance of viable leads, are essential to the stable success and expansion of the sales department, and ultimately to the survival and expansion of the company itself. Knowing the key data of how to go about generating leads in abundance, and having the basic skills needed to implement these key basics, is what ultimately defines the workability and value of a marketing operation.

Although the most effective lead generation techniques vary quite widely from industry to industry and product to product, you can take comfort in knowing that

the key elements which underlie winning lead generation techniques are simple, few and identical, no matter the industry or product.

Whether the leads are being generated by an in-house marketing department, by an outside marketing consultant, or by the salesperson himself,

the one, single common denominator of all consistently successful forms of lead generation is high-volume outflow of communication.

While quality most certainly plays a key role, it is quantity of communications-out that reins supreme in assuring abundant leads coming in. The pursuit of generating sufficient leads is truly a game of numbers. An experienced marketing professional would never expect each and every communication he sends out to produce a one-for-one lead in. It's always a matter of percentage. In many forms of lead generation, as little as a half of a percent return is considered acceptable.

Chapter 3, Prospecting, in the marketing and sales training manual, HOW TO SELL - Clear and Simple, offers a comprehensive listing of highly workable, broadly applicable methods for lead generation, as well as identifying the most basic underlying elements which assure the success of technique application.

When all is said and done, no matter who is doing the generating or how exactly the leads are being generated, the basic principles are the same. And supreme among them is that if a sales organization wants to have prospects coming their way in abundance, the only predictable way to make it happen is to go with high volume lead generation.



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