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Creating Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the single most important factor in the successful pursuit of customer referrals and customer loyalty. Every experienced business owner and senior executive worth his salt knows the value of repeat business and referrals to the long-term growth of his business. And yet, it remains one of the most perplexing mysteries in modern business, why there never seems to be a high enough rating when it comes to customer satisfaction.

As many a manager and business owner knows, maintaining consistently high customer satisfaction ratings can be a monumental task in any arena, and presents its greatest challenge in the sales arena. For that reason, in this article, the sales arena will be our main point of focus; but with very little imagination, I think you will see that: herein lies the secrets to dramatically increasing customer satisfaction ratings across the boards.

Why, despite all of the strong intentions of the business owner and management, and even the well-intentioned salespeople, does the overall customer satisfaction rating in the world of sales come out so low? The answer to this mystery lies in the understanding of a single concept!

Customer satisfaction rises and falls upon the concept of "high-quality service". But, high-quality service is much easier said than consistently delivered to the customer. So, what are the key ingredients which assure consistent delivery of high-quality service?

To the degree a salesman, backed up by his whole sales organization,

•  understands the importance of servicing the customer;

•  has the intention to service the customer as a high priority; and

•  has good command of the skills required to properly service the customer, there will be a consistent delivery of high-quality service.

As thoroughly covered in the book designed specifically to elevate customer satisfaction, HOW TO SELL - Clear and Simple, the keys to achieving this level of high-quality-service are:

•  excellent communication skills;

•  high level of care;

•  high ability to truly understand the customer's viewpoint (goals, needs, wants, limitations, etc.); and

•  good enough command of the selling skills to smoothly and effectively move a prospect through The Five Crucial Steps of a Sale; And last but not least, for the achievement of high-quality service, is

•  good customer follow-through, at which point the salesman continues to ensure that his customer is completely satisfied with all aspects of the sales experience.

Short-term gains are available to a salesman and his organization with or without high ratings in the area of customer satisfaction. But for those who are seeking long-term stability and growth, you will find that the road to your goals will need to be in close sync with and correlate highly with the achievement of customer satisfaction.



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