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Universal Acclaim for HOW TO SELL – Clear and Simple:

"HOW TO SELL is simple and direct. It gives the tools to make sales easy and enjoyable. The data in Chapter 9 alone could improve the reader’s ability to close up to 50% more of his sales."

—Marten Runow, CEO, Performia International, Sweden

"This book may be the end of 'salesmanship' as we’ve come to know it. Here we have the vital tools for selling based on true relationship development, rather than beating a customer into submission. These are the indispensable tools for booming sales. I can attest, based on many millions of dollars in sales, that these tools work. They are easy to learn, and everyone, including the customer, wins."

—Harvey Schmiedeke, President, Survival Strategies International, Inc. and Body Balance for Performance, LLC

"I loved HOW TO SELL – Clear and Simple. It is effective as a training tool for the new salesperson, and a good brush up for the professional salesperson."

—Chet Eccles, Founder and COB, Drain Patrol

"Many people have bought into the idea that good salespeople are born and cannot be trained. This book definitely reverses that concept."

—Jean Gonsalves, Executive Director, Actionwise, South Africa

"An excellent overall book that covers all the basics of selling in an easy to follow and understand manner."

—Larry Silver, President and Owner, Hollander Consultants

"I enjoyed this book tremendously. It takes the sales process and makes it simple. Read this book and find out just how easy and fun sales can be – when done in this friendly, win-win way."

—Shaun Kirk, Physical Therapist and President, Measurable Solutions

"This is by far the best sales book on the market.  It covers all the basics, with effective yet friendly techniques, in an understandable and entertaining way."

—Michael Bang, International Sales Trainer and Seminar Speaker

"The tools of selling – basic, vital, complete. Easily understood for application."

—Jerry Langenfeld, Senior Vice President, Sterling Management Systems

"Examples for each principle and procedure, many laced with humor, lend a light and refreshing aspect to this very practical book."

—Mike Campbell, National Sales Manager, Cost Redux

"HOW TO SELL is ready to use. It is easy to read and will be put to immediate use in our company. It is an important addition to any sales library, and very useful in training and advanced training sessions."

—Jim Mathers, President and National Sales Manager, Consumer Energy Solutions, Inc.

"This book opened my eyes to what has been working, and what I should have been applying, over my last ten years in sales. It can help anyone, from the new salesman to the experienced pro. I suggest you read and use it."

—Istvan Holbok, Sales Consultant and Lecturer, COMLINE Budapest

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