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It is not a matter of “luck” or “natural talent” that makes a
salesman a long-term success. It is a matter of finite skills and
winning attitudes that can be learned and perfected.
Some people start out on the road to sales already endowed
with personality traits, skills and experiences which more easily
qualify them for success in sales. Others start out with fewer or
none of these advantages. They can, nonetheless, as I have
personally observed and experienced, still develop all that is
needed to be a successful salesperson.
• • • • •
It is the knowledge of the basic principles of selling, along
with an ability to apply them, that empowers a person to
creatively develop and effectively correct his own sales skills,
as well as to manage the sales skills of others.
To what lofty heights you eventually soar will be limited only
by how diligently you devote yourself to the development and
perfection of the techniques of the five steps of a sale and to the
underlying “People Skills,” upon which the selling skills---and
all human relationships---are based.


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