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    You often hear sales referred to as “a numbers game.” This is
  a comment on the need to persist through one’s unsuccessful
sales experiences. No one makes every sale. No one gets 100%

response to his promotions. Your only assurance of success is to

    Every salesman has to work his way through the ones he
  doesn’t make in order to reach the ones he will make.
    A key part of your job as a salesperson is to continue to reach
  out rather than get discouraged while working your way through.
Keep the letters, e-mails, faxes and phone calls flowing out, as
well as keeping up with personal contacts.
    When you do persist to outflow communication in volume,
  you inevitably do make that next good connection and do make
that next sale. And when you do, your confidence, energy and
optimistic viewpoint seem to return along with it.


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