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    Before launching into the essence of what it is that truly


makes selling good selling, let’s take a quick look at seven of the
most widely held misconceptions about the field of selling. Left
uninspected, these misconceptions can act as stumbling blocks,
blinding us to the more workable truths, on the road to Super

• • • • •

MYTH #6 -- The “CLOSE”* Is All that



Really Counts

Many sales professionals put far too much attention on the
  closing of their sale and far too little on the opening and
developing of it.

A smooth close is built upon a sequence of properly executed

earlier steps. If you’ve thoroughly laid these earlier steps in
place, then getting your prospect to close should NOT take a
massive effort or require resorting to complex tricks.

If, on the other hand, you have totally omitted or partially

neglected one or more of the earlier steps, and have thus built a
faulty foundation, you will most likely find your closes
enormously strenuous and often nearly impossible to pull off.

*The Close: Getting a firm commitment to buy, including any applicable paperwork fully completed and payment secured.


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