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The Key Motivation is your prospect’s main, core, single
most important reason for needing and/or wanting your
  product. It’s the underlying problem, to which your product
  or service would be the solution.
    So long as your product has more significance than a pack
of chewing gum, it is of very special consequence that you

“Of all the reasons you are in the market for
      a new refrigerator---what would you say is
      the single most important one to you?”
“That’s easy. I can never find anything in my
      old refrigerator. It’s the most inconvenient
      refrigerator ever invented. It’s like a black
      hole. Once you put something in there, it’s
      never seen again. It’s got solid shelves that I
      can’t see through and it drives me nuts
      whenever I’m hungry and short of time to
      have to dig around through those miserable
      shelves to try and find whatever I’m
      looking for.” (His Key Motivation).
    Once you understand what your prospect’s main motivation
is for having interest in acquiring your product, you will know what it is about your product’s features that this particular prospect would find most valuable, giving you very powerful material with which to build a meaningful presentation and a mighty strong close.

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