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Get Him Involved
    If your product is a “thing,” like a bottle of mineral oil, in
addition to telling him how it’ll remove his wrinkles, brighten
his outlook and send any parasites he might have scampering
for the nearest exit, show him the bottle, point out the label
and its list of super-powerful ingredients. Show him some
promotional literature and testimonials supporting its
miraculous claims. Hand the bottle over to him so he gets the
feel of it. If it happens to taste good, you can also offer him a
Make your presentation as hands-on as possible. Get the
prospect to see, touch, hold, listen to, taste, operate, wear or
step into your product.
    Don’t just point out and tell him about your newest model
  of speed-boat. Take him for the most mist-in-his-face, brine-
in-his nostrils, thrilling ride of his life. (A little “sizzle” can go a
very long way toward making the sale.)
    If your product is too awkward or too large to carry with
you---like a herd of cattle---or too far away to take your
prospect to see---like prime beach front property on the coast
of Barbados---carry a good representation of it, such as some
pictures or a video tape.
    When you don’t have the thing itself at hand, use models,
photos, illustrations, easy-to-understand charts, tables,
diagrams or whatever you can to make your presentation as
real as possible to your prospect.
    If your product is not a thing but a service, the principle is
still the same. Whether the service is dog-grooming or chimney
sweeping or adjusting bones of the spine, you should make
your presentation as real as possible.
    If you don’t have the dog, chimney or a model of a straight-
ened spine to hand, show the prospect before-and-after
pictures of Fido, or of a soot-filled and then soot-free chimney,
or show the patient X-rays, photos or illustrations of a crooked
versus a properly straightened spine.


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