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“Uh, well ... this is a big decision ... I
better think it over some more. I’ll get back  
with you in ... say a month or so.”

“I do understand your hesitance...”


“But Bob, you already know that our prices

are fair and that our reputation for doing
great work and standing behind the work is
the best in the area.

“Earlier you told me that the reason you

came in today was that your roof has now
deteriorated so badly that last night’s rain
came right through and watered your
INDOOR plants! You told me how one
more rain like that will ruin your furniture
and floors.” (his Key Motivation for seeking
a roofing solution)

“I know decisions like this one can be

difficult, but I promise you, deciding to go
ahead with this is the best decision you can
make. Let’s move forward and get your roof
fixed up before the next rain. Now (form in
hand) how do you spell your last name?”
“I understand everything you’ve explained to
me, Doctor, but I think I should wait another
paycheck or two before I get the procedure
“I certainly understand your hesitancy, Mary.
I really, really do.” (Acknowledgement)

“And if holding off a few weeks didn’t matter,

I’d have no problem with that.

“You and your family have been coming to

me with your medical concerns for a long time
now. I think you know you can trust me and
what I’m about to say to you.

You told me that this condition has been

worrying you so much, you’ve been
sleepless and irritable to the point it’s
completely disrupting your life, and that was
the main reason you came to see me today.
(her Key Motivation)
“You need this procedure and I want to go
ahead and schedule it. I don’t want you to
worry about the finances. Angela will work
out an arrangement with you. Now, do you
want to have it done this afternoon or tomor-
row morning?”
“I know you’re right, Doctor Michael.
Tomorrow morning will be fine…And thank


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