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The Cold Call Qualification
    There are also times when your prospect has not yet become
  at all aware of his need for your product and may not yet have
  begun to develop any want for it, at the point you first get into
  communication with him.
    NEED: If unaware that his teeth are developing plaque,
a prospect will be unaware that he needs some-
thing in his toothpaste to dissolve it.
    WANT: Until mass mania made us aware of high plat-
form shoes, the Enchanted Bra and Billy the
Singing Fish, we hadn’t yet developed that
“gotta have one” desire for them.
In certain sales situations, such as telephone or door-to-door
  canvassing, your potential prospect is likely to have no prior
  awareness of the product you are about to offer to him, and
  therefore no awareness that he needs or wants it.
In such cases, once the prospect is open, before you would be
  able to proceed any further with effectively selling him your
  product, you would need to, as the first part of your qualifying step,

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